The night before

This is a sub-article and forms part of the first time traveller series. This article focuses on the night (or day) just before your big trip. What should I bring? Did I forget anything? This article sets out several tips that may make your trip more enjoyable.

Passport: Don’t forget this.

Cash and Credit Cards: Remember to change some currency before your trip and also remember to activate your card’s magnetic strip for overseas use.

Packing list: For the first time traveller, it may be a stressful task when deciding what to take with you on a trip. Consider preparing a packing list a few days prior when you have time to think about it. This list can help you avoid situations where you forget to pack an item and can help in determining whether you are packing too much for a trip.

Power adaptors and multi-socket plugs: Not all countries share a similar type of power plug that you may be used to. Be sure to check out the applicable plug type and pack an adaptor. Your laptop and cameras will thank you later when they are energy deprived. In addition to an adaptor, consider bringing a multi-socket plug/extension. Hotels often only have 1 to 2 spare sockets and you may not have enough slots for all your devices. A multi-socket plug can help by allowing multiple devices to be charged at the same time.

Towels and shower gel (if required): Normally, hotels offer towels for guests to use. For a budget traveller, hostels sometimes do not or will instead rent you a towel. Consider whether you may want to bring a small face towel in your luggage as well as small amounts of shower gels and shampoo for your personal use.

A secondary bag: A small hand carry size travel bag that can be rolled up and packed into your luggage may be useful. It doesn’t take up too much space and if during the trip you need additional storage space, you can always pull out your spare bag.

The general rule is to not over pack (I survived a 9 days’ long business trip with just 3 work shirts that I rotated and washed on a daily basis!). Also, it is likely the case that can always buy the things that you might have forgotten to bring at the destination country. So don’t worry too much about it.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any helpful comments that I may have missed out.

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