About me

A traveller roams the world and leaves not a single trace. Nothing is consumed. Nothing is altered. The world is left in exactly the same condition for the next traveller And yet, everything has changed for that one traveller having seen the world and its splendours.”

Hello! I’m Linus @ eTraveller

I was once a tired associate who slogged away at his desk. Since then, I sought to regain what I have lost and took up a more balanced job as legal counsel in an oil and gas firm. I incidentally love to travel, and this blog is about me and my travels.

I have always wanted to travel the world and see all the amazing, far-flung places whether be it some scenic part of the world that deserves a front page on National Geographic or some historical palace that used to be the seat of power of a dynasty. When I was younger, funding was an issue and it felt difficult for me to go on such trips. Now with my wallet slightly fatter, that dream of travelling the world is closer than ever.

I started blogging after a year’s worth of nagging from my girlfriend. She had complained that it would be a waste if our memories just remain as that and being locked away without benefiting anyone else.

This blog is for anyone interested in getting a glimpse into my trips and my experiences (both the highs and the lows). If you ever wanted a Guinea pig, you have one just here. I’ll be sharing useful tips like how to get cheaper flight deals, how to maximise your dollar, simple ways to save up money for travels, budgeting for a trip, weekend getaways as well as little snippets from my travels.

If, like me, you love to travel and in need to satisfy that yearning and craving to see the world out around you, then stick around and be sure to follow this blog!