Newsletter 001 – Top reads of on all things related to travelling

1 October 2017 – Newsletter 001

I’m starting a new biweekly series on this blog where I will let you in on my compilation of notable and/or interesting reads on anything related to travelling.

The wager that kickstarted winter tourism

MacEacheran in his article described how a gentleman’s wager in 1864 started the world’s first winter tourism which changed not only Switzerland’s tourism industry but also the entire world.

““Some people think it’s a legend, but it’s all true,” said Richard Leuenberger, general manager of the five-star Badrutt’s Palace, during my visit this past July. Opened by Johannes Badrutt’s son Caspar in 1896 to further reap the benefits of his father’s gamble, the hotel has become a byword for the resort town’s lavish excess. “Before the Badrutts there was little reason to come to St Moritz, or holiday in the Swiss mountains, in winter at all. There had long been the demand in summer, but winter? It was lunacy.””

As to what the wager was about, why not read more about it here.

No more Monday Blues in Thailand

Higgs in her article shared one little known fact about how vendors in Bangkok are turning a colourful wardrobe into a tool to preserve Bangkok’s street food culture.

Fearing the potential loss of their livelihood, Ari’s community of street vendors rallied together, holding regular meetings to discuss ways to improve the neighbourhood and save their jobs. It was in one of these meetings that they decided to band around an ancient tradition of colour coordinating clothing to bring beauty to the pavements, and show the value they bring to Bangkok’s streets.

For centuries, different colours have been considered luckier at various points in the week – although light blue is considered lucky on Friday, wearing any hint of blue on Sunday could spell disaster. Superstitious people still take this tradition seriously, believing that not wearing the correct colour could have real-life consequences, from poor health to general bad luck. Because she was born on a Tuesday, Thai-American Darra Christensen said her family expresses constant concern that she doesn’t use a pink wallet, which they believe would help improve her finances.”

Find out more about tomorrow’s colour here.

Making the most of your getaway

Vora in her short article recommends her readers to do something unexpected in a getaway: Including a layover or two during your vacation. This, she says, adds variety and diversity to your vacation or a chance to revisit that one special place from your last trip or a great opportunity to squeeze in a city that you would not have had the chance to visit but for the layover.

“…If you’re en route to a beach getaway in the Maldives, for example, consider a stop in Dubai to fit in an urban escape, or stop in either Dallas or Chicago for a ski or hiking trip in Jackson Hole or Aspen. You can also plan for a layover on your return journey, and time permitting, you can do a layover each way in different locales. …”

Read more on how best to squeeze in a layover on your next vacation here.

Dark tourism: The good, the bad and the plain ugly

Carruthers in her article shares with her readers the sensitivities of visiting a place with a dark past.

Insensitive, grinning selfies being snapped in front of torture tools, visitors pocketing fragments of bones and Pokemon Go players storming a genocide museum are among the reports of disrespectful behaviour at sites serving as memorials to the estimated two million people who died under the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia….

Not far from the [Cu Chi] tunnels, which an estimated 45,000 are believed to have died defending, sits a shooting range where visitors can fire an AK-47 – the Viet Cong’s weapon of choice – or an M60 machine gun, and even a grenade launcher. “Firing these weapons and this gung-ho attitude is not responsible tourism or being sensitive to Vietnam’s history in any way, …”

As to her list of dos and donts, you can read more of them here.

If you found any of the above reads interesting, please let me know in the comments section. If you want to read more of such newsletters, please like and also follow. Appreciate your continuing support.


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