Must dos other than Borobudur when in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Must dos other than Borobudur when in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is often associated with Borobudur Temple. We cover two other destinations that you can consider adding into your itinerary to make that getaway even better.

Jomblang Cave (Goa Jomblang)

Jomblang is a unique cave which is inaccessible (well it looked to me to be inaccessible) on foot as it is hidden away in a sink hole. The entire expedition will be guided and basic equipment provided (Safety helmet, torch and a pair of wellingtons).

Visiting the cave will involve you being rappelled down more than 30m down the steep cliff face before trekking down narrow steps cut into the slope leading down to the entrance of the cave network. As the cave is located deep underground, expect the area to be muddy on wet days. The slope leading down to the cave entrance can be tricky with slippery mud haunting you all the way down. There are, however, handy guide ropes along the way allowing you some grip as you go down.


Waiting for our turn to be lowered down the cliff, Jomblang Cave



Treacherous mud steps leading to the cave network, Jomblang Cave



Cave entrance, Jomblang Cave


A short trek later will bring you right into the heart of the cave network where at a certain time (around noon) you will get to witness one amazing sight: “heaven light”. As the cave is not completely blocked off at its ceiling, light rays will be able to shine down through the hole giving an impressive photograph moment. Be sure to listen for the river that is running beneath.


Heaven light, Jomblang Cave



Heaven light, Jomblang Cave


Costs: IDR 450,000/person

Opening hours: Please reach the visitor centre/hut before 10am as there is only one expedition available per day so as to time the “heaven light”.

Timang Beach

While I originally contemplated of just doing Timang Beach by itself, my driver had recommended I combine it with Jomblang Cave as a day’s worth of itinerary. Honestly, Timang Beach makes the entire trip worth it.

Timang Beach is more of an outcrop in the middle of the ocean and offers an adrenaline filled hour for its visitors. Your driver will drop you off at the entrance where you will have to get onto a local’s motorbike for the remaining journey to the beach. While I saw private cars heading down the path, it is apparently not advisable being prone to punctures. Anyway, the bike ride isn’t too expensive at IDR50,000 and helps with the local economy.

An exhilarating bike ride later, you will be dropped off close to a ticketing office. While there is no charge to visit the outcrop (i.e. entrance fees), you will have to pay to cross over to the outcrop. There are two ways to get there. You can either use the sturdy looking bridge (for IDR100,000) or take the ride of your life on a flimsy looking gondola dangling over the deep blue sea below (for IDR200,000). The choice is yours.


Bridge and Gondola, Timang Beach



Gondola, Timang Beach



Deep Blue Sea, Timang Beach



There is a flight of stairs leading down from the outcrop. Be sure to go down for awesome photo opportunities, Timang Beach



Finishing an awesome day, Timang Beach


When you are done, be sure to ask your driver to take you to the nearby lobster place where you can get decent sized lobsters (caught at Timang beach!!!) for a relatively cheaper price. Don’t expect to be served lobster with butter sauce. The lobsters will be grilled and served with a generous sambal sauce.

Yogyakarta isn’t just about temples and if I can make that trip memorable, so can you!

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