Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 2

Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 2

Hey! Fellow Travellers! I recently travelled to Bangkok, Thailand through Singapore’s Changi Airport. I had originally intended to fly directly from Singapore. However, due to work obligations, I had to reschedule my flight to be just after my flight back from Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Do check out my posts on my stay in Kaohsiung where I reviewed 85 Sky Tower Hotel and also the Night Markets of Kaohsiung).

Due to the rescheduling, I had around 6 hours to kill between flights and it did not make sense for me to travel an hour to get back home only to leave for the airport again. What I did was to make use of the paid lounge facilities in the Airport to make that wait all the more bearable.

As I was a DBS Altitude Card Member, I can visit selected lounges twice a year free using the Priority Pass that comes with my card and there after I have to pay per visit (US$27 per visit equivalent to S$36.50). As part of these selected lounges, I had access to the SATS Premiere Lounge. Alternatively, if you do not have a Priority Pass membership, access to SATS Premiere Lounge is available for purchase when you book with certain airlines such as Scoot for S$39.

DSC_5395 (3)

I was glad that I had free access as I could do with a short nap (my connecting flight is at 6.45am) and a much needed shower.

Checking in was easy as all I had to produce was my boarding pass, passport and my priority pass card. Thereafter I was directed into the lounge.

The lounge can be divided into 3 main areas. The first area is the food buffet area with a small but varied buffet serving breakfast. The second area is the dining area with proper tables. The third area is like a lounge for you to rest and relax in:


Buffet Spread – Hot food on the right, cold dishes on the left; alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the other end


Dining Area 


Lounge Area

When I entered the lounge, I was dead tired having not slept much on my flight in from Kaohsiung. I grabbed myself a can of tiger beer (Yes, alcohol is served in the lounge and unlike certain lounges alcohol is available in the wee hours of the morning) before plopping myself down in a comfortable corner. Sips of beer later I was setting an alarm for myself before drifting off.

After managing to squeeze in about an hour and a half worth of sleep, I got myself up and went over to the receptionist to borrow a set of fresh towels. Shower facilities are available and both shower gel and shampoo are provided. The shower stall is wide enough and has a glass door inside it separating the actual shower area and the dressing area. You can therefore rest assured that your luggage is safe if you are travelling alone as you can drag your luggage into the shower stall:


Facing the shower area with the glass door kept open. You can see my laptop bag that was resting on my cabin sized luggage at the corner in the dressing area.

Having refreshed myself, I got around to filling myself up with food. As I will be travelling with Scoot, there will not be food served on board (unless, of course, you paid for the extra perks) and the lounge food would help tide me until I arrive in Thailand. The buffet was acceptable offering both a western breakfast for the average traveller (Sausages, eggs, pancakes, baked beans, sandwiches, salad)  and some pretty decent local fare like laksa which you can prepare at a DIY station (Don’t worry. All the ingredients have already been prepared for you and you just need to blanche the noodles in hot water before drenching them with delicious laksa broth):



My “self-made” laksa

All in all, I spent around close to 3 hours in the lounge. I personally enjoyed the experience. While the food and drinks are definitely not comparable to Singapore Airlines’ Silverkris lounge, I think it’s a good and cheap alternative if you do not have access to the Silverkris lounge and you find yourself in a position like me.

Pro-tip: If you are travelling alone and taking an earlier morning flight before the first trains run, consider splurging on a lounge access (if flying Scoot for example) instead of taking a taxi if you live far away from the Airport. A taxi would cost slightly less than the access price ($30 versus $39). Why not take the last train and just use the lounge. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content before your flight!

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