Quick update – February/March plans

Quick update – February/March plans

Sorry Guys!

It has been a quiet February so far. While I had some ideas on what to post, I was struggling whether to work on them. I prefer higher quality posts to just posting for the sake of posting.

No worries. I have a few items planned for the next few weeks.

I will be heading over to Kaohsiung, Taiwan again later this week for work. Fortunately, I will have some free time there to attempt to do up a few quality posts for you guys. Expect to see places to go to and places to eat at. Surprisingly, the Taiwanese like to give their restaurants names like “Chicken Big Brother” or “Cow Second Brother”. I will hopefully be able to cover one or two of those restaurants this time around. Until then, do check out my earlier posts on Kaohsiung here.

I will also be doing short updates leading up to my trip to the Golden Triangle in India (i.e. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). I hope the mini guides will be helpful for all those heading to India (e.g. How to apply for visas online before visiting India and booking the dreaded railway tickets). God willing, I won’t have to shift my travel dates due to work obligations.

Meanwhile, have a look at this hidden gem in Singapore (Photos were taken at CHIJMES). It looks really pretty with all those lights. Very dreamy… Perfect place for a drink or two with your SO. For my foreign readers, CHIJMES was previously a convent/school that was converted to an entertainment facility showcasing various restaurants and pubs! Cheap booze anyone? (Tip: If you want happy hour prices, stay away from the main square and head deep into the interior corridors for better prices!)





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