Best kept secret in Penang, Malaysia

Best kept secret in Penang, Malaysia

Penang is known for many things. Well, to most, it is a food haven. But to me, food haven aside, Penang also has one of the best secret spot. This secret hideaway is somewhere where I can seek refuge and also get away from everything bothering me at my work.

I decided to take time off some months ago when I was still practising law after a stressful period with one of my clients struggling to stay afloat and fending off a potential insolvency situation. It was stressful. It was a long weekend and I decided to revisit Penang after a hiatus of more than 7 years.

I made sure to include Hotel Bellevue in my short itinerary.

Hotel Bellevue

Nope, this is not a hotel review.

The hotel is aging and could do with a much needed makeover. What I wanted to share in this post is the hotel’s cafeteria that is all the way hidden at the back of the establishment.

The hotel is the first and only hotel on Penang Hill and is hidden from the main path frequented by tourists.  You have to walk along a small driveway and around a bend before actually seeing the hotel. As you enter the hotel, you will notice that it has a 1980’s kind of feel to the decor. There is no wifi or air conditioning. While the latter is unnecessary given the surprisingly cool and windy interior (the hotel is located on a hill), the lack of wifi is something that can be looked into.

The cafe is located right at the back. So just head in and to the end of the long corridor.

The cafe has both indoor seating (not recommended at all) and also tables placed along a wooden deck facing the garden. As this cafe is still relatively unknown and hidden from the general public, the cafe is normally empty. When I was there, I was the only customer. Hurray!

And it was simply beautiful. The view was spectacular overlooking Georgetown and the bay area:


I think this place is just perfect for a lazy afternoon for you to read your travel guide book on your next destination or that novel you always wanted to finish but couldn’t find the time to do so. Coupled with a pot of coffee or tea. PERFECTO!

While I dislike sharing this secret spot (who wants their special place to be crowded with tourists?), I think this is necessary to help save and preserve this special spot. My hope is that this post can help bring more visitors to the hotel and help keep this place going. Seriously… a single customer on a weekend afternoon is not the most ideal of situations for any business.

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Take the funicular up Penang Hill. Look out for the hotel’s signage.


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